Forever is the World's Top Producer of Aloe Vera


Central to Forever’s business, is giving back to the community. We are proud of the charity work of our Business Owners.

Do you need to raise funds? A local charity, sports club, youth group, school, church? Or maybe you’d like to contribute to a national (or international) charity or fund-raising effort?

We can help!

If you can provide a venue (from a room for 6 to a hall for 30 or more people) to which you can invite guests at a suitable time, then we will provide invitations and put on a product party for you. At this event, we will talk about health, nutrition and well-being, and we can address any particular areas of interest: senior citizens and mobility, children and babies, skincare, makeup and cosmetics, weight management, animal health, etc. We will bring sample products for people to try, stock items for purchase, and any orders taken will be delivered within a week.
We will then donate a proportion of our profit from the event to your fund-raising cause. (A small event can raise £100, a large event can raise £1,000 or more.)

Call Robin now on 01684 833852, Anita on 01531 630156, or send us an e-mail on for more information.

Why Forever?

Our products are grown naturally and produced in an environmentally sustainable way. We trade fairly throughout the world, making charitable contributions where they are needed most.

“We are a global business that is doing business throughout the world [150 + countries]; we offer every person, regardless of colour, creed or belief, an opportunity to better themselves. Our entire company is built upon the premise of removing barriers and exploitation, which is why we have waiting lists of people who want to work for us, and why those that start work with us rarely leave.”

Aiden O’Hare, Vice-President, Europe